mercoledì 9 luglio 2014

Italian mayor to ban gay kisses

Gianluca Buonanno
On July 9 Gianluca Buonanno (pictured with a bass) mayor of Borgosesia (Piedmont) and Italian MP for the Northern League, a racist-homophobic-secessionist party, announced that same-sex people who kiss will be fined 500. Buonanno is not new for his anti-gay and anti-Muslims slurs.

"Gay kisses in public? No thanks. Not only. From today in my Mayor and MEP offices there will be a photo of Putin" Buonanno says about of his new lover.

"I don't like that two people of the same-sex exchanges public displays of affection. It's a matter of respect. And I am convinced that is morally harmful for children". No comment please.

Buonanno and his new lover
Buonanno is Mayor, Italian MP for the Chamber of Deputies and recently member of the European Parliament. At the first seating of the European Parliament Buonanno arrived disguised in burqa.

Recently he has done everything possible to capture the attention of the media: he and a bass (above), he and bubbles; the European flag as a handkerchief.

LGBT associations has already condemned Buonanno initiative. The Democratic party mayor of a neighboring town said that he will made up a counter-initiative where everyone will have the opportunity to kiss his or her own lover.

If Buonanno will sign the act this will be maybe challenged in court. No chance of victory for Buonanno.

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