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Italian Town vote in favour to recognize a gay marriage

Antonio Garullo and Mario Ottocento
On Thursday the Council of the Comune of Latina voted a motion in support of the recognition of the marriage of Antonio Garullo and Mario Ottocento contracted in The Netherlands in 2002. Berlusconi's party hold the majority of the Council.  The Mayor of Latina, Giovanni di Giorgi belongs to a major far-right party and voted in favour of the motion. The motion is addressed to the Italian Government which may solve the question arose after the Grosseto case.

Antonio Garullo and Mario Ottocento were the first Italian gay couple to be married more than 10 years ago in Holland. In 2004 they asked the Ufficio dello Stato Civile of the Comune of Latina to register their marriage but their application was turned down. So the couple sued the Comune of Latina, but in 2005 the Tribunale of latina rejected their complaint. Then they appealed the Court decision to the Court of Appeal of Rome where they found a second denial. Eventually the couple appealed the second negative decision to the Supreme Court of Cassation. In 2012 this court rejected their appeal but delivered a landmark opinion for LGBT rights. That Court said that the Italian laws should treat gay and straight couple equally. 

Antonio and Mario asked the Comune of Latina to record their marriage on April 15 and this afternoon the Council of the Latina approved in a 14-2 vote (1 absentee) a motion in support of the record of their marriage. Berlusconi's party hold the majority of the Council.  Now the Italian government may say if the Comune of Latina should register this marriage. 

Antonio and Mario applying for their marriage record

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