giovedì 22 maggio 2014

Italian town will "recognize" same-sex marriages performed abroad.

Gavorrano (Grosseto, Tuscany)
In an unanimous vote the Italian town of Gavorrano will "recognize" marriages of same-sex couples performed abroad.

The town of Gavorrano (Tuscany) approved on May 21 a motion calling for the recognition of same-sex marriages performed abroad. Even though the vote will not bind the Ufficio dello Stato Civile (Office of the Clerk) to register the marriages of same-sex couples performed abroad, the motion will be considered a "signal" for the Italian Parliament. 8575 inhabitants, Gavorrano lies near to Grosseto, the town where for the first time in the Italian history a marriage of a same-sex couple was registered after a court order. That order was appealed to the Court of Appeal of Florence.

On April 17 the town of Latina (Lazio) asked the Minister of Interior whether a same-sex marriage performed abroad was to be registered. In the coming weeks Rome, Milan and Turin will table a vote on the same motion of the town of Latina.

Meanwhile the Ufficio dello Stato Civile of the town of Fano (Marche) is pondering the same question. A gay couple - Fausto and Edwin -  asked the Mayor of Fano to recognize their marriage contracted  in The Netherlands in 2008. The Mayor said he would favor the recognition but he preferred to entrust the task to the Office of the Clerk of Fano. The Office will deliver its opinion next week. If the Ufficio will reject their application the couple will appeal the denial to a court. (HERE: photos).

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