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Marriage recorded

Giuseppe and Stefano Marriage certificate

On Monday the Comune of Grosseto recorded the marriage of Giuseppe Chigiotti (68) and Stefano Bucci (57) contracted in New York City in late 2012. The Comune of Grosseto complied with judge Ottati order

The marriage certificate format was amended with these words: «Coniuge» and «Coniuge» instead of «Marito» and «Moglie» (Spouse instead of Husband and Wife).

A record of a marriage contracted abroad means that Giuseppe and Stefano are married according to the Italian laws. So Giuseppe and stefano are the first gay couple recognized as married in Italy.

Giuseppe and Stefano got married in New York on December 6, 2012. Giuseppe is an architect and Stefano is a journalist and pen for on of most famous Italian newspaper - Corriere della Sera. Afterwards the Ufficio dello Stato Civile (Office of the Clerk) of the Comune of Grosseto rejected Giuseppe and Stefano application for the record of their marriage. 

In March 2014 they appealed the denial to the Tribunale of Grosseto and on April 9, 2014, judge Paolo Cesare Ottati ordered the Comune of Grosseto to record the marriage of Giuseppe and Stefano. The Comune didn't defend the denial before the court. 

The Procuratore Capo of Grosseto (Attorney General) said that he will appeal the order of judge Ottati to the Court of Appeal of Florence. This court cannot put a stay on the order.

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