martedì 17 giugno 2014

Italian Rainbow Revolution

After the news released yesterday by L’Unità, according to one of the most read Italian newspaper, la Repubblica, Italy will gets its “Rainbow Revolution” when, in September, the Italian Parliament will start the debate over the recognition of same-sex unions.

Monica Cirnnà
On Tuesday 17, the Italian newspaper la Repubblica published that dealt with the issue of the recognition of same-sex unions. The journalist, Maria Novella de Luca, interviewed Monica Cirinnà the supervisor of two bills that will establish civil unions for gay and lesbians couples and cohabitation agreements for cohabitants couples either opposite or same-sex couples.

The Civil Union bill will grant to same-sex couples the same rights and duties afforded to married straight couples, indeed the Cohabitation agreement bill will grant to cohabitants couples some of the rights and the duties of marriage, because “who doesn’t got married, he or she doesn’t want to have all rights and duties”, Cirinnà says.

The paper version of the Tuesday article also reports two interviews, one to Giuseppina la Delfa, President of Rainbow Families, an association of gay parents and the other to the Catholic MP, Maurizio Sacconi who opposes Civil Unions for gays and lesbians, but backs the cohabitation agreement bill.

Giuseppina la Delfa, who writes for the Italian version of the Huffpost, strongly favors the two bills, but according to her the “real revolution” is the step-child adoption right that the Civil Union will grant to same-sex couples.

The two bills that will be introduced by Monica Cirinnà (Democratic Party) will start their debate in the Italian Senate Committee of Justice the next September.  

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