martedì 31 dicembre 2013

Italian gay couples ask the ECtHR to rule on the lack of the recognition of their partnerships

As reported by Certi Diritti, an Italian LGBT advocacy group, a complaint (Oliari et al v. Italy) was filed in the ECtHR on behalf of 5 Italian same-sex couples which ask the recognition of their partnerships.

The Clerk of the Court ordered the Italian Government to file the opening brief by March 24 2014.

These couples sued the Italian Government after having exhausted the domestic court system in 2010. In April 2010 the Italian Constitutional Court (Sentenza n 138/2010) ruled that even if gay and lesbian couples do not have the right to marry they must have the "fundamental right to live free as couples and to obtain the recognition of their partnerships". Early this year the Chief Justice of the Italian Constitutional Court in a press release remembered the Italian Parliament to legislate on this issue.

These couple are asking the ECtHR to oblige the Italian Government to act in compliance with the Constitutional Court ruling.  

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