mercoledì 8 gennaio 2014

41% of Italians says 'yes' to marriage of same-sex couples

Some interesting polls have been released by the most famous political talk-show of the Italian state television (RAI), Ballarò, on Wednesday 7 January. (here the video, obviously in Italian)

On the matters of the recognition of the marriage of same-sex couples, you would be...

41% of Italians is in favor of marriage of same-sex couples, 49% says 'no' and a 10% do not know.

Civil rights are an urgent issue?

59% of Italians says 'no', 27% says 'yes'.

In another poll only the 2% of Italians says that Civil Unions should be considered as an urgent reform. Italians think that 'cut of the MPs salaries' (63%), 'work' (61%), 'lower taxes' (37%), 'a  new electoral law' (26%), 'immigration's reform' (6%) are more important than recognizing same-sex couples.

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