giovedì 2 gennaio 2014

Herbert v kitchen: Regnerus study 'uses rigorous methodologies', AG says

Sean Reyes, the new Utah AG, claims that the Regnerus study (here) used more 'rigorous methodologies' than the precedent and 'small' ones.

On December 31, 2013, the Utah AG addressed an application (here) to Justice Sotomayor seeking a stay on injunction.

In a footnote (n°12 page 17) the AG writes, " A recent small body of research has suggested that there are likely to be no differences in child outcomes between children raised by married husband and wife couples and those raised by same-sex couples, but this research is based on non-random, non-representative samples with few participants (most with less 100 participants) ... More recent studies, using more rigorous methodologies and with larger samples, find significant between children raised by married mothers and fathers and those raised in others family structures, including those raised by same-sex couples. Mark Regnerus ... the New Family Structures Study."

It's interesting to note that even the Utah AG concludes that the 'recent small body of research' suggests 'that there are likely to be no differences' when, as Andrew Perrin remember us, "the APA and AAP reports conclude essentially that there is no evidence of systematic difference, and Marks and Regnerus treat this as if the reports conclude that there is conclusive evidence of lack of systematic difference."

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