venerdì 10 gennaio 2014

Creative Conservative Representatives Awards, the Italian Anti - Hate Speech bill

The Committee of Justice of the Italian Senate is poised to approve the new Anti - Hate Speech bill and conservatives proposed some amendments (here the complete listto ridicule the importance of this advancement in LGBT rights in Italy.

Senator Giovanardi, who said that seeing two girls kissing is like to see someone pissing, introduced this amendment (n.1.5) which will protect pedophiles or this one (n.1.8)which will fight 'christianophobia'. 

But the Award for the best Creative Conservative Representative goes to ... Senator Lucio Malan (Forza Italia, Berlusconi's party)! Check it out what kind of amendments he proposed: an amendment which would replace the word 'homophobia' with the word 'heterophobia' (Amend. 1.59), another one which would add to the list of protections the word 'sodomophobia'  (Amend. 1.60), or the word 'hermafroditophobia' (Amend. 1.67), or the expressions 'gender theory', 'dynastic incest',  'theory on the militant lesbianism as a class struggle', 'on misogyny and misandry', 'based on eugenics', 'parthenophobia', 'poliandrophobia' and 'compulsory materialistic atheism' (Amend. 1.110, 1.111, 1.112, 1.113, 1.225, 1.226 and 1.227).

This legislation (without those amendments) has enough vote to be finally approved by the Senate. The Italian chapter of the ''La Manif pour tous'' has called for a demonstration in opposition to this bill because according to them this legislation will ban their freedom of expression.  

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